Services of the Sampling and Servicing Department

  • Certified sampling of all types of water including requested determination of parameters at the place of sampling (temperature, chlorine, redox potential, transparency, etc.)
  • Certified sampling of air
  • Certified sampling of all types of wastes
  • Sampling for microbiological examinations of nosocomial infections (sterilizers, swabs, etc.)
  • Central receipt and recording of samples
  • Consultancy in the sphere of general as well as communal hygiene
  • Asbestos
  • Nanoparticles and nanosafety

Services of the Inorganic Analyses Department

  • Complex analysis of drinking, technological, dialyzing, ground, waste, swimming pool, surface, special and Aqua purificata water
  • Analysis of waste, soils, aqueous extracts of wastes in the complete range of current statutory requirements
  • Analysis of food and extracts of daily use objects (food packaging, toys, rubber, textiles, leathers
  • cosmetics, ceramics, glass and other)
  • Examination of suitability of objects coming into contact with drinking water
  • Examination of suitability of objects coming in contact with food
  • Consultations for the given issues, evaluation of findings within effective legislation
  • Trace analysis of components by means of ICP-MS
  • Analysis of components in food of vegetable origin and food complement
  • Analysis of components in the air

Services of the Organic Analyses Department

  • Determination of organic pollutants in compliance with effective legislation in the following matrixes: drinking, ground, waste, surface, swimming pool, special water, earth, waste, aqueous extracts of waste, soil air, air
  • Complex analysis of organic compounds in objects of natural usage, in objects in contact with drinking water
  • Analysis of conservation substances and additives in food and cosmetic products
  • Trace analysis of organic compounds by means of liquid and gas chromatography (GC/MS, GC/ECD, HPLC/DAD)
  • Identification of organic compounds by means of the GC/MS method
  • Consultative services for the given issues, evaluation of findings within effective legislation

Services of the Biologic Analyses Department

  • Microbiological and biological examination of all types of water in a complete scope of current statutory requirements
  • Microbiological examination in compliance with ČL (Aqua purificata, sterility and microbial contamination of sanitary devices)
  • Macrobiological examination of food, daily use object, rocks, sediments, earth and sand
  • Determination of disinfecting efficiency of substances
  • Microbiological monitoring of the environment (swabs, pollutants, marks, strips, etc)
  • Microbiological examination of samples of nosocomial diseases (sterilizers, swabs, determination of sensitivity to ATB, etc)
  • Ecotoxicological tests on organisms (fish, water fleas, algae and mustard)
  • Determination of algicidal efficiency of agents
  • Consultations for the given issues, evaluation of findings within effective legislation

Services of the Environmental Factors Department

  • Measurement of working and communal environment
  • Measurement and assessment of all types of noise
  • Measurement and assessment of vibrations
  • Measurement of microclimatic conditions
  • Measurement of daylight and artificial light
  • Measurement of UV radiation parameters
  • Measurement of electric and magnetic fields,
  • Complex measurement of dustiness in working and communal environments
  • Analysis of respirable dust fraction for SiO2 content
  • Measurement of concentration of harmful gases originating from welding or the use of other industrial technologies
  • Identification and analysis of volatile organic compounds
  • Determination of concentrations of toxic elements in the environment
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