Nanoparticles and nanosafety

Long time research activities are developed aiming to monitor and observe the occurrence, morphology and chemical composition of nanoparticles in the environment, mainly in ambient air and working area. We are able to carry out size depending sampling of airborne dust including nanoparticles and ultra fine aerosol, to calculate surface and number of all particles or individual metals deposited in a respiratory track. It is also possible to analyze individual fractions of airborne dust collected and calculate distribution curve for metals of interest. Morphology and elementary composition of fine and ultrafine particles is analyzed on scanning electron microscopy Quanta 450FEG designed by STEM, EDS and WDS equipment. Measuring by Fast Mobility Particle Sizer allows to scan and display in the one second interval the distribution curve in the size range from 5,6 to 560nm.

Research and commercial activities are also focused on nanoparticles of metals like silver, gold, zinc etc. in water colloidal systems. The equipment of Zetasizer working on the principle of the dynamic light scattering is able the accurate and reproducible analysis and computation of distribution curve and Zeta-potential in terms of minutes. The newly purchased up-to-date ICP-MS instrument NexION 350D offers the possibility to perform measurements of distribution of metal nanoparticles and to distinguish them from the dissociate form. This is particularly useful for manufacturers of cosmetic products.


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