National Reference Laboratory for Environmental Noise

Who we are?

National Reference laboratory for Environmental Noise (NRL) of the Czech Republic is specialized department of the Public Health Institute of Ostrava established by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

We provide:

A) Reference activities:

  • NRL performs reference expertises in cases of appeals and complaints made against public health authorities as a basis for appellate decision.


B) Special measurements and consultancy:

  • NRL performs or participates in measurements and expertises requiring special equipment or procedures based on the demands both of individual subjects and Public Health Authorities and other subjects. For the Ministry of Health performs consultancy in the field of legislation, methods, technology and special software for assessing, measuring and evaluating environmental noise.


C) Methodical activities:

  • NRL prepares documents for amending legislation in the field of measurement and assessment of environmental noise.
  • NRL develops processes or examines proposals for measurement procedures, calculations and noise evaluation methods as a basis for methodological arrangements of the Chief Public Health Officer of the Czech Republic and the Public Health Authorities.
  • NRL participates in the teaching and training activities within the education system of public health.
  • NRL organizes consulting days, workshops and training courses for the staff of the Public Health Authorities and general public.
  • NRL participates in the field of international cooperation and standardization.
  • NRL acts as a deputy member of the Czech Republic in the Regulatory Noise Committee and Noise Expert Group of the European Committee.
  • RL acts as Czech National Reference Center for Noise of the EEA EIONET Network.


D) Research and development activities

  • NRL participates in the applied research and collaborates with university specialists and specialized companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • NRL monitors specialized technical literature in the field of environmental noise, influence of noise on human beings and health endpoints.


Our equipment for noise measurement, evaluation and studies:

  • Acoustic camera CAE,
  • Bruel & Kjaer 2250 and 2270 Hand-held Sound Analyzers,
  • Svantek SVAN 979 Sound & Vibration Analysers,
  • Svantek SV211 Noise Monitoring Stations with SC205 Weather Monitoring Modules
  • BlueSky 10 m masts
  • Davis weather stations
  • Predictor LIMA noise prediction Analyst
  • CadnaA and CadnaR noise prediction SW
  • Matlab (matrix laboratoř) SW
  • and many others …


Contact Ing. Tomáš Hellmuth, CSc.
Mobile+420 733 743 087
Adresa elektronické pošty

Tvardkova 1191
562 01  Ústí nad Orlicí
Phone: +420 733 743 087

Our Staff:

Tomas Hellmuth CEO
Pavel Junek acoustic camera, noise computing models
Dana Potuznikova health risk assessment, noise legislation
Ales Jiraska noise measurements, measuring methodics, noise model computation
Jiri Michal noise measurements, measuring methodics, noise model computation
David Kresl noise measurements
Jana Habalova noise measurement
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