Asbestos refers to a set of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals. Asbestos has six primary sub-classifications: chrysotile, crocidolite, amosite, anthophyllite, tremolite, and actinolite. Among these, chrysotile and amosite asbestos are the most common.

Today, asbestos is classified as a known human carcinogen. Asbestos fibers are microscopic (roughly .02 the diameter of a human hair), and therefore, are easily inhaled. Once inhaled, the fibers cling to the respiratory system, including the lining of the lungs and inner cavity tissue.

Our fully-accredited laboratory provides fast and confidential testing for asbestos in bulk building materials, airborne asbestos analysis and for quantitative asbestos elongate particles and cleavages determination in dust, minerals and rocks. The laboratory uses for this purpose the up-to-date scanning electron microscopy according to the German guidelines VDI 3866, VDI 3492 and BGIA 7487 and EN ISO 16000-7.

We are committed to providing state of the art and prompt consulting and laboratory services, while preserving quality and integrity to our valuable clients in a multitude of industries including construction, quarries, tunnelling, real-estate, redevelopment, sanitation and commercial & residential property owners.


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